In Mala hiša (which translates to 'a little house') we create conceptual, architectural and urban planning models. In the process we use a wide range of materials, which are manipulated using various manual and machining techniques. When choosing the scale and materials, we actively collaborate with the client, because as architects, we are well aware of the importance of the model for a presentation. Our work process is characterized by inventiveness, accuracy and flexibility.

Mala hiša was founded by Vesna and Žiga Misjak with the desire to produce top-quality architectural models. They graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana in 2010. Soon after, they were commissioned with their first serious order, and have since then produced more than 70 models for different clients.

Vesna is distinguished by her outstanding manual skills, speed and accuracy. In the world of miniatures, she enthusiastically handles even the most demanding details. For Žiga, model building is like a smaller-scale construction site challenge. He successfully incorporates his design engineering knowledge in the pre-construction and production of models. Vesna and Žiga are constantly enhancing their years of experience by using new materials and manufacturing technologies.

Our partners in the production of models are:

NATURART d.o.o., laser cutting /
PET d.o.o.
, laser cutting /
PMV d.o.o., laser cutting /
ARCHIDELIS, materials shop /
MODULOR, materials shop /
ACRYTECH, plastics /
O.K.VIR, passe-partout
STEKO d.o.o.
, glass covers
, foils /